A Selbey Anderson podcast

Marketing Trek

A Selbey Anderson podcast

The podcast that explores new frontiers. 30 minutes of chat for marketing pros who want to boldly go where no-one has gone before.

Show Hosts

Simon Quarendon

Simon is an industry veteran with 35 years agency and in-house experience under his belt. Today, he runs business end of Selbey Anderson.

Dominic Hawes

Dom started in marketing, but ended up in strategy and finance. He’s still not quite sure how. Today, he runs M&A and performance management at Selbey Anderson.


Episode 04: Marketing Dashboard Dos and Don’ts with Vernon Riley

Everything‚Äôs got a marketing dashboard these days. When you can measure, report on and visualise everything, how do you cut …

Episode 03: Is B2B the Hot Place to Be? With Dave Stevens

B2B marketing used to be seen as a little dull. Not any more. Is B2B now the hot place to …

Episode 02: New Year’s Resolutions with Julian Roberts

If marketing could make new year’s resolutions, what should it promise? We’re joined by Eset’s Head of Marketing, Julian Roberts …

A Selbey Anderson podcast